History of the Colloquium

This Year

Where should Nigeria, the largest black nation, be in the ranking of nations? How is this country affected by political and economic challenges? What does the future look like?

These and many other critical questions are to be tackled at the 13th Bola Tinubu Colloquium.

The raging debate of recent has been if Nigeria, with its many domestic problems, was ever a giant of Africa. The argument has been whether a country struggling to get electricity to power its homes and industries, fighting protracted security challenges and unable to crack many of its development knots, can be reckoned with in the unfolding new world order. This will also be examined at the colloquium.

The theme for this year’s colloquium seeks to explore the perennial question of good governance as a very critical factor in making Nigeria an active role player in the new world order.

The internet has changed the world from the way we know it. It has altered our way of life – how we live, work and socialise. The Colloquium will also deconstruct the new world of technology, the businesses around technology and the future of work and other human activities.


The Covention Centre, Eko Hotel
MARCH 29TH, 2022 1 PM